Pop-up Panels Mobile Galleries

IMG_3419Are you an artist/photographer looking for ways to showcase your latest works on-the-go? Have you ever wanted your own personal art gallery in the comfort of your business or home? Maybe you are prohibited from hanging or putting holes in the walls of the venue? Thanks to the Pop-up Panels company, us curators and gallery owners now have the option to ‘Think outside the Box’ when it comes to displaying art.

5N0A4641(Official Sponsors of the All Access Art Show)

The Pop-up Panels company is fairly new to the Houston area specializing in custom built mobile galleries for the arts. With these unique panels the buyer has the option to mark/stencil their branding for a more custom-like feel.

5N0A4661 5N0A4748

These panels are built with precision and with the artist in mind. If you would like to receive further information on then rental/purchase of your very own mobile panel gallery, please fill out the forum below and a representative will tend to your request at their earliest convenience.